K-invest is quality living


1. How to reach you?

K. INVEST d.o.o.

Branka Fučića – Via Branko Fučić 2A

52466 Novigrad – Cittanova


M: info@k-invest.hr

T: +385 98 255 777

2. Which pricing plan do I pick?

Depending on you as our client we try do meet your needs by offering three type of pricing by furniture:

  • Fully furnish as all in house or apartment
  • Partially furnish house or apartment
  • No furniture at all

3. How to choose the right villas?

We will help you in your decision by finding the house who perfectly meets your needs.
Before that thing about what are you searching for or answer to some simple question as:

  • What is the location we like
  • How far from the sea
  • How far from big town
  • It has to have sea view or not
  • How many bedrooms we need
  • Modern or tradition house design
  • Are we going to use it for the family or rent
  • New or used
  • Budget

4. How long does the process take?

Well the process can be done in one day but usually it takes at least 30-60 day.
Things that needs to be done is:

  • Collecting all the house documentation
  • Precontract sign
  • Reservation payment
  • Contract sign by notary
  • Payment
  • Registration in the land registry office


quality living